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Aircraft In The Dark

January 2, 2017 AviationMuseum  No comments

At the start of last year (2016) I missed the opportunity to photograph the aircraft in the Ulster Aviation Society in darkness, lit only with portable LED lights. Thankfully another session was organised and many thanks to Paul Harvey for the invitation to come along.

This took place on Saturday 10th December and it was a 16:00 start. I arrived around that time and found quite a few people there already. The first aircraft to come under the spotlight was the Phantom F4 (XT864). This aircraft looks fantastic in any light but under spotlights it's just unreal.

Here you can clearly see the position of 2 LED spotlights used to light the Phantom











A bit closer this time, what a

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Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

March 24, 2015 Museum  No comments

On St. Patrick's Day the family jumped in the car and we headed to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra. I have to say it's been many, many years since I have visited both but I certainly wasn't disappointed. Well just once, more on that later.

The Transport side of the museum was fantastic: trains and automobiles of all shapes and sizes. It was possible to climb about some of the trains, I felt like Casey Jones for part of the day - younger ones will have to google that name :) The one disappointment was the fact that the aviation section of the museum was closed, it's undergoing renovations.

The Folk museum was equally as fantastic: Old shops, printers, banks, police station, all just amazing. Then a walk through the country side to visit an old school and farms.

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