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Brownlow House Revisited

August 22, 2017 Portraits  No comments

Brownlow House, or as it's also known to the locals Lurgan Castle is an imposing building situated just a few minutes walk from Lurgan town centre. It commands a stunning view across Lurgan Park and lake. 

It's an absolutely gorgeous location for a photoshoot and when I asked fellow photographer and friend Nigel Fleming if he wanted to join me he was more than happy to do so. 

The shoot was planned for Monday and arriving at the house just before 10:00 with my wife Aine it was time for a lovely cup of tea in the Tea Room.  Nigel and our model for the day, Chloe, soon arrived and joined us for a cuppa.

With some many rooms and locations in the House it's sometimes difficult to decide where to start. As it was still early we decided to start outside before the sun

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High Speed Sync Flash

July 16, 2017 Portraits  No comments

When using any kind of flash the shutter speed you can use is restricted to the maximum sync speed of your camera. Mine is 1/250s so I can't shoot any faster than this or else a black bar will appear over the image. To get around this I purchased a Godox XT32C 2.4G Wireless trigger for my Godox flash. This would allow me to sync with the flash at speeds up to 1/8000s.

Why use a higher shutter speed with flash? Using a higher shutter speed allows you to shoot in to very bright scenes e.g. a bright sky, sunrise or sunset. It's also allows you to use a smaller aperture, for example f2.8, to give a nice blurred background.

There have been a couple of really lovely evenings recently so I asked my son Cohan to help me test my new equipment. It took a little persuasion but he agreed.

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Lauren, Armagh Rose of Tralee Hopeful

May 20, 2017 Portraits  No comments

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of shooting Lauren Carberry O'Neill who will be representing Mickey Kellys Bar Armagh in this years Rose of Tralee Armagh Heat. She is a family friend and my wife Aine initially contacted her to ask if she'd be interested in a photoshoot, she jumped at the chance.

At the time we were have great weather, warm and sunny so I suggested an evening shoot in Lurgan Park. This was suggested on Saturday and come Monday we were walking through the Park looking for locations. Lurgan Park is such a great place that it didn't take look to find a multitude of locations. 

With gorgeous light we were able to take some natural light shots as well as some with off-camera flash. As the light was dropping I suggested another location just on

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Natural Light at Parkanaur Manor House

March 11, 2017 Portraits  No comments

On the 19th of last month I was lucky enough to help out fellow photographer and friend Nigel Fleming with one of his lighting workshops. This one was held in the splendour of Parknanaur Manor House just outside Dungannon.  I've helped Nigel on a number of occasions and my job on the day is to help with the lighting equipment, setups, etc. Occasionally I do get to shoot off a few frames when the other photographers have finished. 

On this particular day one of the models was someone I haven't shot before, Patrice. I only managed a few shots of her and the majority of them were taken in available light, no flash used. Parknanaur has a couple of very large windows that just lend themselves perfectly for natural light photography.

These were taken while Patrice was seated on

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Abandoned Derelict Building

January 12, 2017 Portraits  No comments

Michael Carbery PhotographyI've shot together with fellow photographer and friend Nigel Fleming a few times in the past and we had talked about getting together again over the Christmas holidays as we were both off work. As it turns out it didn't happen until the very last day of the holidays. Nigel had mentioned an outdoor location and I suggested a few around Lurgan and the one we settled on an abandoned, derelict build. This was my old work place and did bring back some great memories of my time there.

Nigel was able to source a model for the shoot, the lovely Zoe. On the day Zoe arrived with her mum, Fiona, and we all made our way down to the building. It was very cold and the ground was very slippery, so a precarious walk it was but we made it safely. We found a room were Zoe could use for changing and

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Brownlow House, Lurgan

May 17, 2016 Portraits  No comments

Brownlow House (also known as Lurgan Castle) sits in beautiful grounds overlooking Lurgan Park. I've been past it and have walked around it many, many times but just recently I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot in it. I was fortunate to be joined by another photographer and friend Nigel Fleming and models Isadora and Charlotte.

Nigel and myself decided that we would split up and take one model each and throughout the course of the session we would swap. I started with Isadora and it was only after 15 minutes or so that she told me that this was her first photoshoot. I have to say that it certainly wasn't obvious. She posed well and took direct like a pro.

Natural light from a large window to camera left and also behind the camera. ISO400 - F3.2 - 1/100 - 28mm


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