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Natural Light at Parkanaur Manor House

March 11, 2017 Portraits  No comments

On the 19th of last month I was lucky enough to help out fellow photographer and friend Nigel Fleming with one of his lighting workshops. This one was held in the splendour of Parknanaur Manor House just outside Dungannon.  I've helped Nigel on a number of occasions and my job on the day is to help with the lighting equipment, setups, etc. Occasionally I do get to shoot off a few frames when the other photographers have finished. 

On this particular day one of the models was someone I haven't shot before, Patrice. I only managed a few shots of her and the majority of them were taken in available light, no flash used. Parknanaur has a couple of very large windows that just lend themselves perfectly for natural light photography.

These were taken while Patrice was seated on

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Brownlow House, Lurgan

May 17, 2016 Portraits  No comments

Brownlow House (also known as Lurgan Castle) sits in beautiful grounds overlooking Lurgan Park. I've been past it and have walked around it many, many times but just recently I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot in it. I was fortunate to be joined by another photographer and friend Nigel Fleming and models Isadora and Charlotte.

Nigel and myself decided that we would split up and take one model each and throughout the course of the session we would swap. I started with Isadora and it was only after 15 minutes or so that she told me that this was her first photoshoot. I have to say that it certainly wasn't obvious. She posed well and took direct like a pro.

Natural light from a large window to camera left and also behind the camera. ISO400 - F3.2 - 1/100 - 28mm


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June 15, 2011 Portraits  No comments

Had the opportunity to photography this beautiful young lady last night. I can honestly say that there will be very little post processing required for this set.

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