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Lurgan Park

December 2, 2016 CommunityLandscapes  No comments

Moon Rising Over Lurgan Park LakeNovember saw an event that hasn't occurred for nearly 70 years - a record 'Supermoon'. This is a full moon that is closest to Earth in its elliptical order. It generally appears larger and brighter than normal. I wasn't that interested in shooting the moon as I find that a full moon isn't really great to look at. However on 15th November, the day after the event occurred I was driving my wife to her mothers. There is a railway crossing on the way and as we drove over it I glanced to my left and saw the largest moon I have ever seen just rising above the railway tracks and beautifully framed by the railway station building. As soon as I dropped my wife at her mothers I raced home and got my camera gear.

Arriving back at the station I was disappointed to see the moon had risen more and

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Viking Experience

May 17, 2016 Community  No comments

Last Sunday I took the kids to the Portadown Viking Experience. This was a two-day event were ancient crafts and life-styles were shown to the public. There was also a falconry display and a brilliant battle re-enactment. We spent a very enjoyable couple of hours walking around the various displays and exhibits. Already looking forward to the next one.


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