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Lanzarote Airport

February 5, 2017 AviationLandscapes  No comments

January saw my wife and I taking a week long holiday to Lanzarote, some winter sun was very much in need. As it would happen the airport was a short 10 minutes walk from our hotel so it would have been sinful not to make a trip to it at least once, or twice :)

There may be more areas to photograph this airport but the two I have found are just at the approach lights at the start of runway 03 and just up the hill from this location. At the approach lights it is quite possible to photograph with a wide angle lens and still get superb images. From the hill you can see on to the taxi way to 03 but need a longer lens to photograph the aircraft.

The best time to shoot, I found, was in the hour before the sun set. With the clouds and the setting sun the scene couldn't have been any better.

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Lurgan Park

December 2, 2016 CommunityLandscapes  No comments

Moon Rising Over Lurgan Park LakeNovember saw an event that hasn't occurred for nearly 70 years - a record 'Supermoon'. This is a full moon that is closest to Earth in its elliptical order. It generally appears larger and brighter than normal. I wasn't that interested in shooting the moon as I find that a full moon isn't really great to look at. However on 15th November, the day after the event occurred I was driving my wife to her mothers. There is a railway crossing on the way and as we drove over it I glanced to my left and saw the largest moon I have ever seen just rising above the railway tracks and beautifully framed by the railway station building. As soon as I dropped my wife at her mothers I raced home and got my camera gear.

Arriving back at the station I was disappointed to see the moon had risen more and

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Solar Eclipse

March 22, 2015 Landscapes  No comments

A partial solar eclipse happened over the UK on Friday 20th March. I was at work but thankfully had the opportunity to capture it. I tried to capture something different to the norm and believe I achieved that.

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April 20, 2011 Landscapes  No comments

I took these last year. I've seen some beautiful sunsets (and sunrises) over Lurgan Park.

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Snow Day

April 19, 2011 Landscapes  No comments

I just love to shoot and those that know me know I will point my camera at anything. So when it snowed at the start of the year I grabbed my camera and headed in to Lurgan Park. Say what you will about it but I think this park has some fantastic scenery.

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