Abandoned Derelict Building

January 12, 2017 Portraits  No comments

Michael Carbery PhotographyI've shot together with fellow photographer and friend Nigel Fleming a few times in the past and we had talked about getting together again over the Christmas holidays as we were both off work. As it turns out it didn't happen until the very last day of the holidays. Nigel had mentioned an outdoor location and I suggested a few around Lurgan and the one we settled on an abandoned, derelict build. This was my old work place and did bring back some great memories of my time there.

Nigel was able to source a model for the shoot, the lovely Zoe. On the day Zoe arrived with her mum, Fiona, and we all made our way down to the building. It was very cold and the ground was very slippery, so a precarious walk it was but we made it safely. We found a room were Zoe could use for changing and

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Aircraft In The Dark

January 2, 2017 AviationMuseum  No comments

At the start of last year (2016) I missed the opportunity to photograph the aircraft in the Ulster Aviation Society in darkness, lit only with portable LED lights. Thankfully another session was organised and many thanks to Paul Harvey for the invitation to come along.

This took place on Saturday 10th December and it was a 16:00 start. I arrived around that time and found quite a few people there already. The first aircraft to come under the spotlight was the Phantom F4 (XT864). This aircraft looks fantastic in any light but under spotlights it's just unreal.

Here you can clearly see the position of 2 LED spotlights used to light the Phantom











A bit closer this time, what a

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Lurgan Park

December 2, 2016 CommunityLandscapes  No comments

Moon Rising Over Lurgan Park LakeNovember saw an event that hasn't occurred for nearly 70 years - a record 'Supermoon'. This is a full moon that is closest to Earth in its elliptical order. It generally appears larger and brighter than normal. I wasn't that interested in shooting the moon as I find that a full moon isn't really great to look at. However on 15th November, the day after the event occurred I was driving my wife to her mothers. There is a railway crossing on the way and as we drove over it I glanced to my left and saw the largest moon I have ever seen just rising above the railway tracks and beautifully framed by the railway station building. As soon as I dropped my wife at her mothers I raced home and got my camera gear.

Arriving back at the station I was disappointed to see the moon had risen more and

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Singing The Blues

August 30, 2016 Music  No comments

A few weeks ago I was 'introduced' to the Blues music scene by my wife Aine. This involved going to the 7 Hills Blues Festival in Armagh were a number of bands were playing in different venues around the city.

First of was Devlin's Bar to see Lee Hedley. In truth I had been to this venue before, a few years ago to see Pat McManus. Like all the venues I was at it was smallish but that gave a better 'up close and personal' feel. Lee and his band played a fantastic set and I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of the show I even had a conversation with the guitarist who it turned out had the same surname as me, but no relation.

A couple of nights later it was on to McKenna's Bar which was only a few doors up from Devlin's. This time it was a group called Rusty Jacks. Again a very

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Royal International Air Tattoo 2016

August 10, 2016 Aviation  No comments

This July I had the chance to attend the Royal International Air Tattoo held at RAF Fairford in England. Along with Don, Peter and Aidan we set off on a long trek to the airfield. I left my house at 8:30 on the Tuesday evening and we arrived at the airfield at 11am the next morning ready for the first of the arrivals days.

Over the course of the coming days we would begin our days at 4am. A quick stop at a service station to get in supplies for the day. Arriving at the airfield each morning just before 6am meant that we were close to the front of the queue. When the gates opened at 7:30am it was then a race to get to the crowd line to claim our spot - somehow Peter who had a dodgy knee, having had surgery on it only a week earlier, always seemed to be the first to reach it.

With our

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Brownlow House, Lurgan

May 17, 2016 Portraits  No comments

Brownlow House (also known as Lurgan Castle) sits in beautiful grounds overlooking Lurgan Park. I've been past it and have walked around it many, many times but just recently I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot in it. I was fortunate to be joined by another photographer and friend Nigel Fleming and models Isadora and Charlotte.

Nigel and myself decided that we would split up and take one model each and throughout the course of the session we would swap. I started with Isadora and it was only after 15 minutes or so that she told me that this was her first photoshoot. I have to say that it certainly wasn't obvious. She posed well and took direct like a pro.

Natural light from a large window to camera left and also behind the camera. ISO400 - F3.2 - 1/100 - 28mm


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