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Kernan Aviation

April 9, 2017 Aviation  No comments

I've been an aviation enthusiast for the best part of 40 years and last Sunday I visited one of the closest airstrips to me for the first time. Unbelievable I know. It was Kernan Aviation and it located between Portadown and Tandragee. It's one of those 'blink and you'll miss it' places. In fact even though there's a sign directing you to it I missed the very last turn and had to do a 180.

The airstrip itself is hidden away in the countryside and I was surprised to find that I had to use my 'Green Cross Code'. I had to cross the runway to get to the club house so had to look both ways for approaching aircraft. Once in the clubhouse I introduced myself and asked if it would be okay to take some photos. I was welcomed with quite a few smiles and told to work away. 

I had my son

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Lanzarote Airport

February 5, 2017 AviationLandscapes  No comments

January saw my wife and I taking a week long holiday to Lanzarote, some winter sun was very much in need. As it would happen the airport was a short 10 minutes walk from our hotel so it would have been sinful not to make a trip to it at least once, or twice :)

There may be more areas to photograph this airport but the two I have found are just at the approach lights at the start of runway 03 and just up the hill from this location. At the approach lights it is quite possible to photograph with a wide angle lens and still get superb images. From the hill you can see on to the taxi way to 03 but need a longer lens to photograph the aircraft.

The best time to shoot, I found, was in the hour before the sun set. With the clouds and the setting sun the scene couldn't have been any better.

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Aircraft In The Dark

January 2, 2017 AviationMuseum  No comments

At the start of last year (2016) I missed the opportunity to photograph the aircraft in the Ulster Aviation Society in darkness, lit only with portable LED lights. Thankfully another session was organised and many thanks to Paul Harvey for the invitation to come along.

This took place on Saturday 10th December and it was a 16:00 start. I arrived around that time and found quite a few people there already. The first aircraft to come under the spotlight was the Phantom F4 (XT864). This aircraft looks fantastic in any light but under spotlights it's just unreal.

Here you can clearly see the position of 2 LED spotlights used to light the Phantom











A bit closer this time, what a

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