Boy what a few weeks of weather we’ve been having, temperatures in the mid to high 20s and with it there has been some fantastic sunsets. 

Over the course of two nights my wife, Aine, and myself made our way to a local beauty spot, Oxford Island. Down by the Discovery Centre there is an unrestricted view across Lough Neagh towards the Sperrin Mountains. Unfortunately it’s only possible to drive so far to the spot as the gates are closed at 9pm. Parking outside the gates and walking the 20 minutes to the Lough shore allowed for a breath-taking view. The gorgeous colour of the sun was unreal. Even more unreal was to be able to watch the sun set behind the Sperrins. To actually see it ‘move’ and watch the sunset in real-time is something to be behold. 

As the forecast for the next week or so is for similar weather I’m sure we will make more trips to this gorgeous spot.